Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It's a girl!

So at 19 1/2 weeks pregnant we found out at my high def ultrasound yesterday we are expecting a girl!  It took about 30-45 minutes into the ultrasound for the doctor to finally tell us the sex because she was not cooperating most of the time! It was very interesting to watch the Doctor take all the measurements of the baby and see about every part of the baby close up! The baby's heart rate was 138 and she weighs 11 ounces. Hopefully my OB will be able to review the results of this ultrasound with me at my appointment next Friday, but according to the ultrasound Doctor everything looked normal.

I'm starting to feel flutters here and there but not any major kicks yet.  As you can see from the picture, my belly is growing!  I'm starting to outgrow some of my scrub tops for work.  I've gotten a few maternity tops already, but I think I may need to buy a few more tops for work!

Now that we know we are having a girl, I'm excited to finally be able to shop!  I plan on starting a registry soon since we are expecting to have a shower March 31st.  My Mom will be here visiting that weekend so that will make the shower so much more special!


  1. You are going to go crazy in the baby dept...little girls are so much fun to dress! Glad to hear all is going well! Guess surprise showers are a thing of the past! me!!!