Saturday, June 2, 2012

She's almost here!

39 Weeks Today! 

So the past couple of weeks we have been getting all the last minute things ready for Baby O's arrival!

We finally ordered the stroller and it arrived this week!  The only baby item Garrett had an opinion about was the stroller.  When we saw the BoB's while shopping for baby furniture earlier this year he knew this was the one he wanted!  I have to say I love it too!  It is so easy to move around and I love the orange color too!

I got a new car last Friday too after some convincing from Garrett!  He also installed the car seat so she is ready to come home!

Garrett fixed our fence a few weekends ago.  Now I can let the dogs outside without having to supervise them the whole time!  This is going to be so great once Baby O arrives.

Memorial Day weekend I tried to take things pretty easy and enjoy the long weekend.  I am still working full time since I want to have as much of my time off with our baby girl as possible.  I'm just glad I still feel good enough to do this!  My Dad continued to paint the inside of our house (he's almost finished :)  On Sunday I enjoyed the day on Carlyle lake with Garrett and his family on their boat.  I just enjoyed the ride and the day outside since I couldn't get in the lake.  And on Memorial Day, Garrett and I just enjoyed the day together.

This past week I had my second NST (non-stress test) on Tuesday.  Sara you were right about these tests!  I get to sit in a recliner in a quiet room with monitors on my belly.  The only noise in the room is her heartbeat so I am very relaxed and can almost take a nap listening to her!  Thankfully, both of these tests have been normal.  This past NST even showed I was having small contractions.  On Thursday I had another weekly appointment, but this time with another doctor in the same office.  My doctor was out of town for Memorial Day week so I am thankful I haven't gone into labor yet since she is gone.  So at this appointment, I didn't gain any weight, and I found out I am 1 cm dilated.  I have been feeling some back pain this week along with some period type cramping, and occasional pressure on my hips so to find out I was dilated didn't surprise me. It's still hard to believe though that my body is making some progress towards labor!  I have another doctor's appointment (with my regular ob) on Monday along with another NST.  If I don't go into labor this weekend, then at my appointment on Monday she said we would plan on making an appointment for induction! So I will have some big news after that appointment!

Here are some pictures of the nursery!

I don't have any wall decorations, but I plan to purchase something like this after she is born.  

Handmade wreath that matches the bedding for her door that Susan gave me at my baby shower

View as you enter

Tall dresser that is mostly empty

Her crib with the diaper bag-It's packed and ready to go! 

Long dresser with her onesies and diapers

Another view from the door 
Armoir with doors open.  I have her cute clothes hung up, and her burp cloths, swaddle blankets, bibs, and books on the shelf

Drawer of armoir with socks, shoes, bows, and other accessories

Top of long dresser

Top of tall dresser

My chair with all the beautiful blankets I got right next to it

So I think this is officially our last weekend before Baby O's arrival. We've got our bags packed and we are ready for her arrival! 

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  1. are sooooo prepared! Good for U! Sounds like Baby O is getting ready to make her grand entrance! Now it's all up to you n her! Hope the delivery goes smoothly n fast!!! We will be waiting for the happy news!!! Oh...n the name too..the suspense will be over!! LOL